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Fužine is a small mountain town and municipality in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar county in Croatia. It is situated in the southwestern part of Gorski Kotar, at 700 meters above sea level, surrounded by picturesque mountains, ancient forests of conifers and beautiful lakes Bajer and Lepenica. Fužine is a relatively new village founded in the 17th century when the counts Zrinski had started the exploitation of iron ore, after which Fužine was named. The mines were gradually extinguished, and the settlement was developed after the construction of Karolina road and railways in the 18th century that have linked continental Croatia and the Adriatic sea, and the cities of Karlovac and Rijeka. Today, Fužine is a famous tourist spot, with a long tradition in tourism due to its natural beauty, a pleasant mountain climate and proximity to the sea, ​​which is only 20 kilometers away. Accommodation can be found exclusively in quality private accommodation and in apartments, rooms and holiday homes. To rich tourist offering contributes two lar...


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YouTube video and one small artificial lake, which perfectly fit into the natural mountain landscape. In lakes, you can swim or enjoy fishing, sailing or riding in boats and canoes. A special attraction is 300 meters long cave Vrelo, which is decorated for visitors. Nearby Fužine you will find a lot of marked biking paths and hiking trails. Very popular is a beautiful walk around the largest lake Bajer. The gastronomic offer is at a high level, and in the local restaurants, you can find authentic local dishes prepared according to original recipes like mushroom dishes, wild animals and wild berries. We invite you to Fužine during summer to spend the night in a pleasant highland air, and during the day to enjoy the preserved nature or in the nearby sea. Search for private accommodation in Fužine and its surroundings. Apartments, rooms and holiday homes for rent in Fužine. Welcome to Fužine!