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Crni Lug is a small village in Gorski Kotar in Croatia. It is situated at the foot of the mountain Risnjak. It is surrounded by lush green meadows and dark coniferous forest after which the village got its name. It is located at an altitude of about 700 meters and only 300 inhabitants live in it. This small picturesque mountain village is famous thanks to Risnjak national park. Near Crni Lug is the main entrance to the national park. Accommodation in Crni Lug and its surroundings can be found exclusively within private family accommodation. Friendly hosts will provide everything needed to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Mountains of Snježnik and Risnjak were declared a national park back in 1953 due to very diverse flora and fauna, and very well preserved diverse forest communities. The park is inhabited by all three large carnivores of Europe - wolves, bears, and lynx. In addition to a very well-maintained educational trail Leska, we recommend visiting the natural monument, river Kupa. For all lovers of hiking, we recommend ...

Crni Lug

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...climbing the highest peak of the park and of Gorski Kotar - 1528 meters high Risnjak peak which offers wonderful views of the entire Gorski Kotar, Kvarner gulf, Istria and the Julian Alps. We invite you to visit Crni Lug and Risnjak, and to spend a weekend or a longer holiday in the mountains that will delight you with the richness and diversity of flora and fauna. Search for cheap private accommodation in Crni Lug and its surroundings. Apartments, rooms and holiday homes for rent in Crni Lug. Welcome to Crni Lug and national park Risnjak!