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Vrlika is a small town in hinterland Dalmatia in Croatia. It is located at 470 m above sea level on the edge of Vrlika field at the foot of the mountain range Svilaja and Dinara and near the river Cetina. In the town springs a tributary of the river Cetina, stream Česma. Vrlika has a very pleasant microclimate generated by mixing the sub-Mediterranean climate with continental - mountain climate thanks to its geographical position. This specific microclimate is suitable for people who have difficulties with respiratory diseases. The history of the city begins in the 7th century when the Croats came to this area and formed a village close to the source of the river Cetina. Vrlika is an excellent starting point for all those who love adventure and nature. Some of the activities offered are hiking, biking, photo jeep safari, climbing, horse riding, boating, hunting, and fishing. Search for the apartments and cheap private accommodation in Vrlika. Welcome to Vrlika!...


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