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Vrsar is a small fishing and tourist town and municipality in the county of Istria in Croatia. It is located on the western coast of Istria, just 11 kilometers south of Poreč. Municipality Vrsar includes nine smaller villages and it has about 2,000 residents. Vrsar has been inhabited since prehistoric times when it was inhabited by ancient Histri and Liburnians. In the 1st century, Vrsar was conquered by the Romans who developed it into a trading center for agricultural and livestock products. Since the 9th century it was under the direction of Poreč bishops, who built a castle here called castrum Ursariae, and from 15th until the end of the 18th century was under Venetian rule. After that, Vrsar came under Austrian administration, and it was finally annexed by Croatia after the second World War. Throughout history, Vrsar was developed on a 55 m high hill at the mouth of the Lim bay, but today new part of Vrsar was developed along the beautiful coast and clear sea. In addition to several hotels and camps, accommodation is offered in...


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... the quality and well-equipped apartments, rooms and holiday homes within a private family accommodation. Vrsar is full of pebbles and rocky beaches that are very well equipped, while five of them have a blue flag. We highlight the beach Belvedere, Petalon, City beach, and especially beautiful beaches on the island of St. Juraj, which is only a few minutes drive by boat from the port of Vrsar. For lovers of active holidays, Vrsar offers many cycling and walking routes, diving center, adrenaline park Akros, organized rock climbing in the Lim channel, and aeropark Vrsar, where you can experience the entire area from a bird's eye perspective, but also join the parachuting school or jump in tandem from a sport plane. We recommend taking organized excursions to Lim channel, 12 kilometers deep fjord with blue-green sea and abundance of fish and shellfish. In many taverns and restaurants, you can enjoy rich Istrian cuisine and specialties such as Istrian prosciutto, truffle, asparagus, cabbage with lamb, fish, and seafood. During the summer, Vrsar is like an open stage for many festivals, concerts, and the famous fishing festival. Visit Vrsar, this beautiful little tourist town with a wide range of various activities, from nice and pleasant walks and swimming in clean water to adrenaline jumps from a plane. Search for cheap private accommodation in Vrsar. Apartments, rooms and holiday homes in Vrsar, cheaper up to 40% without expensive agency fees. Welcome to Vrsar!