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Tar and Vabriga are two small villages that form a single municipality in the county of Istria in Croatia. They are located on the western coast of Istria, 3 kilometers east of the sea and tourist complex Lanterna and 7 kilometers north of the town of Poreč. Once these were two separate villages, but by spreading during centuries, they have become one village. They are divided only by road Pula - Trieste. Like most of the Istrian peninsula, this area has been inhabited since ancient times, thanks to the fertile land and proximity to the sea. In the coves at the foot of Tar and Vabriga were discovered remains of a Roman villa, oil refineries, country villas, and submerged port, which tells us that this used to be port for trading agricultural products during the Roman Empire. Today, the whole municipality has about 2,000 inhabitants and the backbone of the economy is tourism - renting of private accommodation, and the famous tourist resort Lanterna. In addition to tourism, residents of Tar and Vabriga are involved in agriculture oliv...


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...e oil and wine production, and to a lesser extent fishing. The area is full of interesting attractions, some of which are caving adventure in the cave Baredine, horseback riding, cycling, cross-country racing, and hiking. The gastronomic offer is excellent and includes many restaurants, taverns and rural households, where you can taste Istrian specialties and quality local wines. If you want to refresh, it is enough to go to the beautiful beaches on the peninsula Lanterna, coastline length of over 6 kilometers, which is just a few minutes away by car. Here you can relax with numerous sports and leisure facilities and crystal clear sea waters. Visit Tar and Vabriga, these two unique places that offer the best combination of vacation in a green interior of Istria, near the beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters of the Adriatic sea. Search for cheap private accommodation in Tar Vabriga. Apartments, rooms and holiday homes in Tar Vabriga cheaper up to 40% without expensive agency fees. Welcome to Tar and Vabriga!