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Murter - Jezera - Murter
Murter - Jezera

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Murter - Betina - Murter
Murter - Betina

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Murter - Murter - Murter
Murter - Murter

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Murter - Tisno - Murter
Murter - Tisno

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The island of Murter, located in the north Dalmatia, is the largest island of the Šibenik archipelago. The island is very popular among domestic and foreign tourists because it has everything you need for a perfect summer vacation. It is very accessible as it is connected with the mainland via a 12 meters long movable bridge. One of the main attractions of the island is the sandy beach Slanica. The main settlements are Murter, Tisno, Jezera, and Betina.

The island has been inhabited since ancient times. An interesting fact is that it was first mentioned by the Greek philosopher Ptolomej (Scardon). The Romans had also ruled the island, thus remains of Roman settlement Colentum and of other constructions have remained until today. Nowadays, the island has around 5 thousand permanent inhabitants and their main sources of income are tourism and agriculture.

Probably the most known beach of Murter is sandy beach Slanica which is ideal for families with small children. Other attractive beaches that we recommend visiting are Podvrške beach, Čigrađa beach, Kosirina beach, and Lovišća beach. In close vicinity is one of the most attractive national parks in Croatia - National park Kornati as well as nature park Vransko lake. The top attractions of Murter are the remains of fort Tureta, Raduč hill (125 m) with amazing views over Kornati islands, daily trips to Kornati islands, and scuba diving.

A central cultural manifestation of Murter each year is the international donkey race (“međunarodna trka tovarov”). This manifestation has become a tourist brand and important event which promotes donkeys and their importance for the local culture and local people.

Visit the island of Murter, a perfect destination for family vacations. Enjoy your stay in private accommodation - find your ideal apartment, room, or holiday home for rent. In the period from 15 June to 15 September, the movable bridge is lifted every day from 5 pm to 5:30 pm.


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Slanica beach - Murter - Murter
Slanica beach - Murter - Murter

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Murter’s climate is characterized by hot and dry summers and mild and rainy winters, which enables a pleasant stay in all seasons. The average temperature of the air in July and August is around 25 °C. The island has more than 280 sunny days per year. The average sea temperature ranges from 13 °C in February to 24 °C in July and August.