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Novigrad is a small fishing and tourist town and municipality in the county of Zadar in Croatia. To distinguish it from other towns of Novigrad in Croatia, titles Novigrad Zadar and Novigrad Dalmatia are used. It is located in the deep sheltered bay of Novigrad sea below the remains of the ancient fortress (Fortica) at the top of a steep hill. It was named after the Roman tower which was later rebuilt by Croatian princes Kurjakovići in the 13th century and named Castrum Novum (Novi Grad). It is located 33 km north-east of the historic city of Zadar. It has preserved its original medieval appearance and it has a population of 550 inhabitants. You can find accommodation in a hotel, camping site, and with friendly hosts - private renters in apartments, rooms and holiday homes. Far from crowded cities and popular tourist destinations Novigrad today enjoys peace and tranquility after centuries of turbulent history. Besides its two neat public gravel beaches, the shores of Novigrad are full of small hidden coves in the shade of tamarisk tr...

Novigrad - Zadar

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...ees that provide privacy and intimacy for swimmers. The sea is very clean and ideal for families with small children. For lovers of active holidays in nearby vicinity is very attractive canoe safari down the river Zrmanja, then bungee jumping on the Maslenica bridge and climbing and hiking in the National Park Paklenica on Velebit mountain. For those who love to spend a night out, we recommend visiting the historical city of Zadar. Contact directly owners of apartments in Novigrad Zadar and spend a quiet and pleasant family holiday in this small picturesque town surrounded by numerous natural beauties. Search for private accommodation in Novigrad Zadar. Welcome to Novigrad!