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Obrovac is a small town in the county of Zadar in Croatia. It is located in a beautiful canyon of river Zrmanja, 12 km from its confluence with the sea, and 45 kilometers east of the city of Zadar. It developed at the crossroads to Zadar, Šibenik, and Knin, at the foot of the Velebit mountain. Today's settlement Obrovac developed around the medieval fortress on the hill, and in the documents, it was first mentioned in the 15th century as Obrouec. It was in possession of the Krbava princes Kurjaković until the 16th century when it was occupied by the Turks. Then begins a turbulent period for Obrovac, which was several times conquered and sacked. After the final termination of the Turkish threat in the 18th century, the place slowly developed. Today it is a picturesque small town, which attracts more and more visitors, primarily due to the natural beauty of the canyon of river Zrmanja, where you can enjoy in rafting, kayaking and swimming in this beautiful clean and clear river. Novigrad and Karin sea, two beautiful sea bays are only ...


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...ten kilometers away, so it is possible to swim and sunbathe on its beautiful beaches. Obrovac has a rich variety of culinary delights, which includes lamb and goat cooked, roasted, baked or grilled, cheese, bass, and donuts. Visit Obrovac, this small picturesque Dalmatian town and spend a holiday in peace and quiet and unspoiled nature. Search for cheap apartments, rooms and holiday homes for rent in Obrovac. Contact directly owners of private accommodation, and save up to 40% on expensive agency fees. Welcome to Obrovac!

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Zrmanja canyon
Zrmanja canyon