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Labin is a picturesque small town in Istria in Croatia. It is located on the eastern coast of Istria, on top of a 320-meter high hill above the famous tourist resort of Rabac. From the old city, especially from the city's fortress, there is a breathtaking view of Rabac, sea, Kvarner, island of Cres and the surrounding area. The town is first mentioned in the 3rd century under the Roman name Albona. It was founded by the Celts in the 4th century BC, who lived here until the Romans conquered Istria in the 2nd century BC. In the 15th century, Labin came under the rule of Venice when city walls and fortifications, of which today remained only one tower Torjon, were built. Under the Venetian government was built many Renaissance and Baroque palaces and churches that have survived to this day and which give the city a distinctive medieval appearance. In the 19th century, Labin came under Austrian rule, when the city entered to industrialization stage, and in the surrounding mines was extensively dug coal which was the basis of the economy ...


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...of the whole area up to the 80s of the last century. Today, along with crafts and entrepreneurship, tourism is developing, thanks to a unique combination of architecture and historical monuments, and close vicinity to the sea. Sea and beautiful beaches in the bays at the foot of the hill are only 3 kilometers away from Labin. Accommodation is offered in high-quality and comfortable apartments, rooms and holiday homes within private family houses. In beautiful beaches and clear seawater, you can enjoy in the nearby Rabac, which is connected with Labin with a beautiful promenade, and very frequent bus connection. Nearby Labin, there are many cycling trails, as well as the possibility of riding and hunting in the surrounding oak forests. Gastronomy lovers will certainly not miss tasting fish specialties, dishes with truffles, smoked ham, sausages and bacon, and a variety of local specialties with pasta in numerous taverns and restaurants. Visit Labin, this picturesque town with a rich history just next to the beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea. Search for cheap private accommodation in Labin and its surroundings. Contact directly owners of apartments, rooms and holiday homes in Labin, and save up to 40% on expensive agency fees. Welcome to Labin!