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Barbariga is a small village in the county of Istria in Croatia. It is situated on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula near cape Barbariga or Punta Cissana (named after the lost ancient settlement Cisse, which was likely disappeared in the sea after an earthquake in the 8th century). Administratively it belongs to the town of Vodnjan, and is located about halfway between Rovinj and Pula. Barbariga name derives from the name of noble family Barbarigo from Venice, which had their possessions here in the Middle Ages. The entire region of Barbariga is known as a rich archaeological site, because of numerous ancient findings from the Roman era. Among the ancient remains were found the remains of a large plant for the production of wool and dyeing cloth, then oil mill from IV century, as well as two large roman rustic villas covered in colorful marble mosaics. Residents of Barbariga are mainly engaged in traditional activities like agriculture, viticulture, and wine-making. Thanks to the untouched nature and clean sea, tourism is develo...


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YouTube video recently. Accommodation in Barbariga is offered in apartments, rooms and holiday homes within private family accommodation. Barbariga is located a few hundred meters from the coast, thus to the closest beach you have a few minutes walk. The coast is indented and it offers several beaches in smaller bays with very clear seawater and on the beaches are several beach bars. Surroundings of Barbariga is ideal for cyclists, nature and active holiday lovers. In addition to numerous bike trails, excursions to nearby rural households are offered where you can taste some of the authentic Istrian specialties. Rovinj and Pula are only twenty kilometers away, so we recommend to spend afternoon or evening in these two tourist pearls of Istria. Visit Barbariga, this small and quiet Istrian village, away from crowds and noise, where you will surely relax your body and soul. Search for private accommodation in Barbariga. Apartments, rooms and holiday homes in Barbariga cheaper up to 40%, without expensive agency fees. Welcome to Barbariga!