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Silba is an island of Zadar archipelago in the Croatian part of the Adriatic sea. It is located in the far north of Dalmatia, on the border with Kvarner islands surrounded by Lošinj, Premuda, Olib, and Ist. The surface is 15 km2 and it has about 300 permanent residents. It was first mentioned by the Byzantine Emperor Constantine Porphyrogenitus called Selbo in the 10th century. There are two theories from where it got its name. According to one name comes from the Greek words Silbon (sand). According to the second theory, the name comes from the Greek version of the Latin word Silva (forest). Later in the Middle Ages was in possession of the city of Zadar and the Venetian Republic, and several wealthy families until the 19th century, when the inhabitants purchased the island. Silba in that period was famous for its wooden sailing ships, sailors, valuable and experienced captains. The only settlement on the island also named Silba is situated on the narrowest part of the island where it takes only about 10 minutes walk or 600 meters f...


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...rom east to west coast. Administratively it belongs to the city of Zadar and it is very well connected by ferry and fast catamaran lines. The most popular industries on the island are tourism and the provision of accommodation in private apartments, rooms and holiday homes. Silba has numerous coves, sandy and pebble beaches. The main town beach is Šotorišće on the east coast of the island. The sandy sea bottom on the beach gives a beautiful turquoise color of the sea, which is really clean. The whole island is a pedestrian zone, so the traffic of motor vehicles is not allowed. Only allowed vehicle is postman moped and vehicle for a distributor of water. We recommend visiting the stone tower Toreta - historic monument located in the town center which offers a nice view of the surrounding islands. Silba is an ideal place for families with children. Large beaches are ideal for swimming and sunbathing for the whole family. Contact directly owners of apartments on the island of Silba and spend a pleasant, carefree and relaxing summer on this beautiful island. Private accommodation on the island of Silba. Welcome to the island of Silba!